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Updated on Thursday, October 9


OMG: People who sleep on silent study desks are pretty inconsiderate around exam times, hardly any desks available for people who need a quiet work space and of all places to sleep you decide there? Go to reading room/couch if you are that tired don't take up work space!


  1. How about you stop being so judgemental and realize that some people need to power nap? When you walk by a person sleeping, you only walk by and see them for just a second. Deal with it.

    1. 1, hey I totally get power napping in a cubicle for 15 minutes during a study marathon. Not a problem. But OP seems to be referring to the people who just completely pass out in their cubicle for hours at a time. I've sat next to those people in silent study areas, and it's god damn inconsiderate.

      If you're that exhausted, you're better off going home to sleep, and coming back to campus when you're well-rested and ready to focus.