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Updated on Thursday, October 9


OMG: Is is so bloody hard to continually move to the back of the bus after each stop so as to keep the ride times to a minimum? 
-Exasperated bearded guy on the #9


  1. What does your beard have to do with this

  2. Man you need to relax

  3. I feel you homie. Share the bus or GTFO.

  4. Don't even get me started with people who occupy two seats or refuse to move in a seat during rush hours...Makes me want to backhand them...

  5. Why did you bring your beard into this conversation?

  6. The beard hath spoken

  7. While we're on the topic of the 9, what the fuck is with all the people who get on at DC when the bus is waiting ~6 minutes to start its new route, take up a seat when the bus is full to bursting, and then get off at SCH. Do none of them realize it would be so much faster to just fucking walk that short distance?? The time it takes them to struggle through the crowd and off the bus is probably greater than the walking time from the one bus stop to the other. goddamnit. It's a really stupid thing to get angry over, I know, but damn if I don't want to yell at them every single time it happens.

  8. I get that when a bus is packed to the brim people have to stand in front of the rear door. They have no control over this because there's literally no where else to go, and new people need to get on the bus.

    However, WTF is up with people who get on a semi-full bus (seats are clearly available) and stand right in front of the rear door thus inconveniencing anyone getting off the bus. Totally understandable if you're riding the bus for a stop or two.
    But I've seen people get on the 9 at the Beer Store stop - stand right in front of the rear door when there are plenty of available seats - and get off at DC. Sit yo ass down and move out of people's way because ain't nobody got time fo dat.

    Thank you.

    1. Agreed! I witnessed this today and it makes no sense.