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Updated on Thursday, October 9


OMG: To people in the library:

1.No one wants to hear you get up and walk around every 3 seconds! If there's no seat, there's no seat!
2.No one wants to hear you slam your fking textbook every 2 seconds. 
3.There really isn't enough study space on campus for such a big University.


  1. A simple solution: ear plugs.

  2. OP, if you're that distracted by tiny noises in silent study, I recommend choosing somewhere to study that has light ambient white noise, like a coffee shop or some such place.

    1. I agree with OP, but I wouldn't consider a coffee shop a good place to study. There are even more noises, cappuccino machines, ordering, mutile conversations happening at once, etc. All of which I find just as detrimental to my concentration as small noises in a place meant to be silent.
      OP: I highly suggest investing, if possible, in a good pair of noise canceling headphones. Earplugs are fine and all but don't really block out noise that well. My Bose headphones changed my entire life entirely.
      (Does not work for Bose promise....just amazing headphones)

  3. There's lots of space to study. You just gotta get creative and learn to look. Why study in a small cubicle in the library when you could study in an entire empty classroom?