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Updated on Saturday, September 27


OMG: Hoffaco Management is the most disorganized company I have seen with the worse customer service ever. I called in to inquire about a place that I was interested in and was prepared to rent, someone told me I would get called back, and never did. I called in a second time and got the same message, and still no one called me back.

If their attitude towards potential clients are this bad, I can only imagine how bad it must be after they've got you locked in a lease with them. :/


  1. Yep, they called me back a the day classes started to see if I still wanted the place.

    Yes, I want the place even though I specified a move in date of the first at the latest quite clearly.....

  2. Best to try and steer clear of these management companies altogether. Go with an indie landlord.

  3. Ahahah! This is cute. I guess OP has never heard of Domus. Hoffaco Management are saints compared to them

    1. Not with either but at least Domus has an office? Hoffaco's office is apparently a FedEx...

      Also, I called Hoffaco so many times and e-mailed them inquiring about a place to live for this term and NOTHING. The voicemail was messed too, it would sound like someone picked up but then it just hangs up on you. So technically, you can't even leave a voicemail.

  4. I'm sure if I wobble enough I could do that job

  5. File a claim with the BBB. If the BBB holds them accountable they will have to change, especially if lots of complaints come in for them.

  6. I'm currently with Hoffaco, signed a lease back in February. My advice: start early.

  7. Never rent with Hoffaco.
    Just don't do it.
    They're fucking awful.

  8. I rent with Domus - they are all nice to me. just ask nice & respectful and they give it back to you. also just nice to go into their office and sit and admire all the hotties they hire.