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Updated on Saturday, September 27


OMG: So the Feds AGM is on October 22. But Feds violated its own bylaws, and didn't specify the deadline to submit agenda items. They didn't even say who to submit agenda items to.

Someone over there really isn't paying attention.


  1. Anonymous Student here. I got in touch with the Feds Prez about this; she said they'd already noticed and were trying to get it fixed, despite it not being their regular business hours.

    Glad to know it was just an innocent mistake.

  2. The date has been added on the Newsfeed post:

    All submissions are due on October 4th at 11:59 PM. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    1. (It still hasn't been updated on the "General Meetings" page (, but the appropriate people are being notified right now.)

    2. I'm actually pretty impressed that they took this mistake seriously enough to get this updated on the weekend (when Feds is normally closed).

      I mean, the ideal case would have been to not make the mistake in the first place, but props for taking responsibility. I can respect that.

    3. Umm this isn't a mistake they could NOT take seriously. Someone can sue if they break the bylaws.

    4. 2c still, I've been here long enough to remember the days when Feds would operate in violation of its own bylaws, and wouldn't give a damn because the staff + councillors were the only ones attending the general meeting anyway, and nobody cared.

      Whatever you think of Feds now, the culture and the openness there used to be a LOT worse (only going back about 5 or 6 years, btw).

  3. 2d, not buying it. The bylaws are widened for the Feds board so they can stay further each few months. Students care the same as before except now we're worried. So we have to keep a more watchful eye. We trust Feds less now.