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Updated on Friday, September 26


OMG: i always feel really bad for people when i see them accessing their uwaterloo email through nexus, like fuck, set up forwarding


  1. I like to keep them separate so my TA emails don't go to my spam and so I don't lose them in the mess of other emails.

  2. hey asshole if your biggest concern is the fact that some people prefer to keep their email accounts separate then i suggest you take your head out of your ass and reevaluate your life

    1. who said it was his biggest conern

  3. Forwarding isn't even the best option. Set up an email client so everything is in one place but still separate.

    And yeah, if it bothers you that much, you need to think about some things.

  4. Yes, we are aware there is forwarding but I keep them separate for a similar reason to 1. Mind your own business, OP.

  5. You should announce your displeasure to them and tell them how shit should be done to ease your sleepless nights about this grave issue.