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Updated on Wednesday, September 24


OMG: Dear Motorists of UW,

When pulling over to the side of the road to drop-off or pick up passengers please give other road user some indication of what you are doing.

We cannot read your mind. Slowing to a crawl then stopping at random with a stack of cars behind you is a dick move to begin with. Sitting there for a minute then pulling back out into the lane again without signalling, as one of the people in that stack of cars tries to go past you, is just plain incompetence.

It is very simple, if you are pulling over to the side of the road hit your indicator then throw on the 4-ways. When moving back out from the side of the road turn off your 4-ways and again use your indicator.

This is basic level driving that you have no excuse not to know. This applies regardless of whether there is a car or a bike behind you as well.

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  1. also stop parking in the bus lanes, it's annoying as fuck when my bus driver needs to wait for your ass to shift into gear and move before stopping