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Updated on Wednesday, September 24


OMG: Saw a fender bender on University near Seagram this morning. If you get into a fender bender, pull off of the fucking road so you don't create a traffic jam 10 miles long.


  1. Depends on the situation. Most of the time you're supposed to leave the cars where they are until the cops come cause they have to determine who's at fault for insurance & reports.

  2. Don't listen to OP. Stay there..Take the pictures... Exchange information.. Call the popo to determine whose at fault.

  3. You only have to alert police to damages over $1000. Otherwise, take pictures, then pull off to the side of the road, then exchange information.

  4. It's also possible the vehicle couldn't move after the fender bender. Most people don't know enough about cars, even what looks like a minor crunch can sometimes bend something or jam something enough that the vehicle needs to be towed.

    And 3 is right about alerting police about damages over $1000, which is nearly impossible to assess on the spot, since, again, most people don't know much about cars, what exactly is damaged, or what things cost. You also have to alert police if anyone is injured, and if you don't you can be charged with leaving the scene of an accident, which is not good.