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Updated on Monday, September 22


OMG: I was talking with the local Rabbi (Rav E. Oli), and I said to him, I said:
"What's the difference between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Teruah?"
And he said to me, he said:
"Oh, about fifty bucks."


  1. no jews in UW, no1 cares

  2. By the way, if anyone sees Rebecca, tell her, uh, tell her:
    "If I'm not back before the waiter returns, tell him I'll have some shvarim for appetizers, teruah for a main course, and tekiah for dessert."
    (She'll know what it means.)

  3. A Jehova's witness knocks on a jew's door. "Have you heard the word of Jehova?"
    "Is that what you call Him?" says the jew, "We have a word for Him too."
    "No way!" says the Jehova's witness.
    "Yahweh!" says the jew.

    1. @3 we are kindred spirits spirits