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Updated on Thursday, September 18


OMG: So anyone think that this video ( is a true representation. The building is great now lets replace some of the staff that are terrible and hire more staff so that the students are actually being helped. No one who is put in the high risk suicide category should have to wait three weeks to see a qualified professional. There is no way they should be referred to a first years master student. SOME of the doctors there are great but others need to be replaced and we need to hire more.


  1. I posted but it didn't go through... So here we go again. I'm the poster who gathered 100+ complaints from online forums and sent it to the health director with a formal complaint & nothing has been done. He says that he read the complaints to them and made them do training but I have seen multiple complaints since then (the threads were a year ago) they need to be fired. This is ridiculous. Worry about hiring new staff not making us spend money on a new building when honestly it seemed fine to me......?

    1. I think it's really great you took the time to send a list of complaints to the director, I know I as a student who uses Health Services really appreciate it. I think it's really disappointing nothing has been done. I was just at Health Services this week and nothing really seems to have changed.

      I think they needed the new building because they needed more space to add a family clinic to help serve uWaterloo students'(?) families. That's what one of the nurses told me anyway.

    2. Grad students often have families.