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Updated on Thursday, September 18


OMG: Mods: for some reason #19745-#19747 aren't listed on the main page, and when I press "Older", it jumps to #19744. If I then press "Newer " I can see them. Can you please fix this? Nice rating system and upgrade to the site by the way, thanks.

MOD'S NOTE: Some posts may be missing because they were removed, this is normal. And thanks! =)


  1. This isn't normal. This is a consistent bug that's been around for a while.

  2. I think what this person is saying is that when they press "Newer" they can see the posts, even though they have been censored and should remain hidden.

  3. it's OP. yes 1 I believe that. 2 and 3 I don't think so, it only displays X of the most recent posts at first, and then it jumps more than X back when you press "older", and then when you press "newer" it displays the latest X+3. So now thast more OMG's are added, it's skipping omg's 19760 to 19762 at first.
    the original missing 19745-19747 are now all visible on the "older" page, so they were never censored.
    bug's in the nbd bin