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Updated on Tuesday, September 16


OMG: Just started 3B here, and for all of my three years on campus, I only ever get hit on by or asked out by guys in first/second year. I don't really have a problem with that, but it kinda sucks when they all start dropping contact with me after finding out I'm 21.

I hate being short/not looking like a 21 year old. ._.


  1. Plenty of 22-24 y/o frosh this year tho

  2. Look at it this way op, at least you're getting noticed! Look at all the posts on here of people wanting just one person to notice them in their 4 years here!! Be grateful that people find you attractive and are confident enough to flirt with you. Who cares if they're younger than you?
    I've never even gotten hit on at my 3 years here and I don't think I'm ugly lol.. So I consider you lucky! :)

  3. So many hot froshies. I feel old.

    1. ya saw so many cute and tall guys who are first years :(

  4. I'm a 23-year-old male and people often think I'm as young as 18. Let's be a cute young-looking couple!

  5. yo, older girls are HOT. Not sure why these guys are so turned off finding out you're a little older.

  6. maybe they're dropping contact with you because your personality sucks

  7. Try online dating. People know what they are getting into off the bat.

    Also you get a boot as a women thanks to the ratio.

  8. Ew, stop trying to date, you're too old. Get to the nursing home granny.