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Updated on Sunday, September 14


OMG: I hate being mean to you because I still care about you but you were the worst person that I've ever been involved with and every time you reach out to me is to continue your abuse.


  1. Such vagueness. Not very helpful for many people.

  2. Tell them this not us

  3. fuck the other anons. op: i've been there. it gets easier. just please, please try your hardest to remember that what this person did is awful and abusive, and not to let yourself fall back into it if you do. i'm sending you some positive thoughts and strength, and i hope things improve from here on out.

    1. I've been there as well. Cut off contact and don't give them any more sympathy.

  4. top kek op

    twitter and teenage angst are thataway

  5. Cool story OP. Dump that stupid bitch and go get some club pussy.