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Updated on Saturday, September 13


OMG: People don't know how to move in a line. If people say move back, then you move the fuck back, especially if it's for free food. Trust me if you're in the front of the line or the first 200 people, you WILL get free food.


  1. So, the person who kept yelling that clearly wasn't an engineer as it took them 15 minutes to realize they needed to start saying that at the end of the line up so the ppl in the front/mid section could physically move back. Being in the front 30-40 ish ppl, I had little desire to move back as I continuously saw ppl come from timmys and cut in line, when we started moving back. just my perspective.

  2. I'm pretty sure I saw the girl start yelling from the back of the line and continuously yelled until she got to the front?

  3. >Free food

    There's your problem