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Updated on Wednesday, September 10


OMG: I wish I had a combinatorics tutor :(...


  1. How about a study buddy instead?

  2. Protip: Suck some Pei cock for a free 90.

  3. what combinatorics class is this?

  4. Get one then!
    Search for them here (, or on kijiji or the SLC tutoring board (ask Turnkey). Put up a tutor wanted ad yourself any of these places.
    Ask the combinatorics department secretary about grad students who'd be willing to tutor. She could email all grad students on your behalf.
    Ask your current course's TA if they could refer someone (since they can't tutor you themselves per rules). Or just bother them during their office hours.

    Lots of options around, my friend. Even an hour or two with a tutor would help. It's not even very expensive. Good luck!

  5. Ask around in the PMC.