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Updated on Wednesday, September 10


OMG: Anybody know what happened to Curry in a Hurry?


  1. They closed because they were terrible.

  2. damn they shut down diarrhea in a hurry?

  3. The second owner (who had the place forever) sold it last year or a couple of years back. They weren't doing well, the business was for sale almost 6 months and then the shut down.

    UW Plaza is some of (if not the most) expensive commercial space in the city. 1,000sq/ft costs over $3,000/month to rent. That doesn't include common fees or your utilities.

  4. Sent back to where it's from.

  5. Auntys Kitchen opened, curry in a hurry closed.

    1. Their food was generic and overpriced.

      I can and often do make better food in my kitchen with minimal effort.

      The ones that have been there for a long time all offer either high quality and unique food (Al Madina's) or are so dirt cheap students are lazy enough to go there instead of cooking even if the food tastes like box card (Campus Pizza).

  6. fuck those people, rudest servers in the plaza

    the new korean place is nice

  7. go to Kismet instead! they're the nicest people and the food is wonderful.