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Updated on Tuesday, September 9


OMG: Just saw a story about 1 Columbia on the national news!
I hope this maybe leads to something positive for all those who were stranded.


  1. rick mercer should go and troll them


  3. Went to the session the off campus housing office put on for this. It helped and am going through the tenant board to get my deposit back. Schembri sucks. They knew a long time ago it wouldn't be ready but waited a couple days before i was ready to move it to let us know.

    1. All you needed to do was look at the building in August to surmise that it would not be ready by September

  4. I rented from them once, they are absolutely horrible. Charged me for everything when I moved out even though the "damages" are part of normal wear and tear of a room. They charged me for repainting everything.