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Updated on Friday, September 5


OMG: I dropped a course during the term and got a WD because I failed the heavily weighted Midterm...I just checked it now for the first time and found out that the prof didn't mark 1 of the 2 questions (worth 50% each)...


  1. If this were FML I would say you deserve it.

  2. You must be retarded

  3. Naw I'm pretty sure the prof marked both the questions - you probably got zero on the one, hence the fail.

    I have an extremely hard time believing a prof completely missed marking 50% of an exam...

    1. He did, I did the second question first, I did at least part of the other question right (I dl'd solutions before dropping bc I have to take the course again)...Yes I know I am retarded for this

  4. Dropping a course and taking a WD isn't a decision you take lightly. You really didn't have a sense in how you did? The reality is that marking errors happen quite frequently but you had opportunities to bring that to light. It's really a pity for you that you didn't look at it until now. In the future try to stay on top of your shit.

  5. I've had a prof miss the whole last page before, my 63 got changed to an 87