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Updated on Tuesday, September 2


OMG: God bless the fappening.


  1. You mean the theft of several celebrities' private property, and it's subsequent release into cyberspace? Yeah, no, I refuse to be happy about something that offensive.

    1. How can people honestly be stupid enough to think that by putting your private nudes/files of any sort on the INTERNET in any way shape or form (email, cloud, virtual storage etc.), they will be safe???

      If you want nudes fine, buy a DSLR, a tripod and get a fucking safe.

      Fucking morons.

      Furthermore, thousands of people have their private property breached and released into cyberspace every day, many with worse after effects in their lives than anything any of these celebrities will face. But no one cares because they aren't fucking famous. Why doesn't the FBI care about sites like x-gf revenge? Oh but if they're famous we MUST find justice!

      Fuck society, everyone is so fucking ignorant.

    2. P.s Fuck you, celebrity worshiping cunt.

    3. 1a, I don't deny that the average person (and celebrity) could stand to be far more cautious about the things they want to remain private.

      But that's not the point.

      If my house gets broken into, I don't expect to be told by the police that I should've had better locks, or a more sophisticated alarm system, or that it was my fault for having something in the house that was worth stealing in the first place. Instead, I expect the person (or people) who broke in to be caught and punished.

      Just like I have a right to reasonably expect privacy in my own home, these celebrities have a right to own their own sexuality, and expect their private accounts to remain private.

      The theft of these images IS STILL THEFT. An invasion of their right to privacy IS STILL AN INVASION OF THEIR RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Sure, there are consequences for them because they had something they WANTED to keep private - but that doesn't somehow make the theft okay.

      So quit with the victim-blaming.

    4. 1a no, sites like x-gf revenge should die in a fire too, and the people who contribute videos to it without the prior consent of all the people in the video should be arrested and prosecuted as well.

    5. 1e that's not *quite* the same. A better example would be one where a couple's private sex tape was stolen and then uploaded to the internet. This is theft, remember.