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Updated on Sunday, August 24


OMG: What does it mean if my grade is DNW (did not write final exam)? It should have a value of 32%, but I don't get a numerical final grade. Does this grade of DNW still considered as a course attempt and used for calculating average? Btw, I am from Math. I got sick for the final exam and I did submit the VIF form.


  1. Yes it counts as a course attempt and will count in your average as a 32%.

  2. I know in the math faculty the professor has final say in if they want to accept your VIF and let you rewrite the exam ... so if you were failing the class to begin with they probably just decided to not accept your VIF because it seemed like you were going to fail the class anyway, regardless of when you wrote the exam.

  3. it counts as 32% for average calculation purposes. this happened to me (and i am in math). First of try to get in touch with the prof and give him a medical notice ASAP. Keep in mind it is very likely he/she wont accept your excuse. (ask to get an inc so you can rewrite the final)

    If that doesnt work, try petitioning.

    If that doesn't work just kill the course the next time you take it. not a good position to be in, and even worse if your mark wasn't very high to begin with.

  4. My grade is still appearing as DNW on Quest. Do you know when that will be replaced by a numerical grade?

  5. Lmao. You effed up bud.