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Updated on Thursday, August 21


OMG: For my term evaluation, my supervisor said that if I wanted an Outstanding, I'd have to write the evaluation comments myself. He'd then review it and if he agreed he'd submit does one write their evaluation? As in length, amount of detail, etc...?


  1. Don't make it long use the minimum number of words to describe why you you deserve it. e.g. you helped solve a hard issue, you went above and beyond putting the hour necessary to complete your job. etc.

  2. That's some unethical bullshit right there.

    1. How is this unethical? If anything, it just gives the manager more information than they would have had before. Remember also that future employers don't see these comments, they only see the evaluation.

  3. If anything, it challenges you to thing long and hard about whether you think you genuinely deserve an outstanding.