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Updated on Thursday, August 21


OMG: How long before you had a dream about being in Waterloo? I haven't had a single dream that has taken place in Waterloo and I've been here for many years.


  1. That's because Waterloo is where dreams go to die.

  2. Hmm, never had a dream about Waterloo, but I always dream about getting swamped and stressed at work.

  3. It seems to take a while for your subconcious to realize you've moved. For the longest time, my dreams took place in the house where I grew up, even though I've been out of there for a long time. These days I dream about that place a little less, but still often enough. I'm not sure I've had dreams about Waterloo more than once or twice.

    1. agreed. only dream of placing i've spent a huge amount of time in

  4. Just last night BRAH

  5. come to think of it, many of my dreams have taken place at my workplace cities or at my high school even though I'm already in 4th year.