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Updated on Thursday, August 21


OMG: Found out my girlfriend has cancer a couple months again, and she went through surgery to cure it, and it was successful but lately she tells me her body is rejecting her mess, I am dying on the inside knowing she can leave me any minute and never come back, all the promises we made will be lies, I hope no one's goes through this


  1. Hang in there, buddy. I hope for the best for you.

  2. The promises wont be lies, they're still promises that you two made for one another. Don't disregard the time you two have spent together. It's all been real, her illness is also real. Learn to love, accept one another and hopefully she can pull through, stay with her.

  3. Good for you for being be her during it.. Nobody can probably give you any advice, but nonetheless good luck to you either way!

  4. You have to bang her one last time!!

    1. +1 because everyone is thinking that
      -1 for being insensitive
      +1 for speaking your mind
      = +1

  5. if she dies, hope you deal ok with it

    if she lives, good for both of you

  6. The absolute thing would be to leave her. Stand by her man, its not even a question. What happens happens. We all die the difference is she knows when, make the best out of the time you have