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Updated on Tuesday, August 19


OMG: I hate my life. I know, as a person living in. First world country I have nothing to complain about. But shit. Everything I've done so far has ended in failure. I literally have nothing to show for the last few years of working my ass off. I'm in the bottom of my class, hardly know shit. I've done nothing interesting. And have no actual friends. What the fuck am I even doing here?


  1. I'm really sorry to hear you feel this way, OP. Have you thought of joining any clubs or groups to meet new friends? Or taking a workshop through Health Services or Counselling Services? I've heard they are very helpful! Sending good vibes your way.

    1. Well I have plenty of "friends" but it they feel more like acquaintances rather than good friends. Let's just say I can't remember the last time I actually had a human connection with anybody. I feel as though I'm just going through the motions when "hanging out" my smile is faked. Being with people tires me.

  2. This.... this I can relate with.

  3. You worked your ass off but you don't know anything and you're at the bottom of your class...sounds like you're in the wrong program. Maybe schedule a career counseling session?

    In terms of doing nothing interesting, I feel the same way about myself. I have few hobbies and few friends. I feel like the most boring person ever. And being a boring person doesn't help with making friends... I think we both need to figure out what kinds of things we're interested in and get out to try new stuff.

  4. The thing is that I'm better than most people in my class in terms of the core of the field. It's just that most courses so far have not been about the field but rather about prerequisites.

    Being boring is the worst. I feel like I'm living my life for nothing. I mean who will remember me after I'm gone? I'm the most unmemorable person there is.

  5. You need a girlfriend. :)

  6. Maybe you can devote yourself to helping others - that might give you a sense of purpose at least!