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Updated on Wednesday, August 13


OMG: League players in the library, PLEASE STOP THE MOUSE CLICKING, go home if you want to play ... seriously show some respect to the others who are actually trying to study and pass


  1. I fucking hate those guys/girls

  2. my ex did this once, studying near eachother in single cubicles in DP

    "Hey, can I borrow your mouse?"
    I thought she knew better so I gave it to her

    fuck that bitch

  3. lol i always play in the library, but i never click much

    you noobs out there know you can just hold down the mouse button right?

    unless you're in a high elo game, there's no need to be clicking as much as i see you guys do

    1. d1 player here, dont click much, its more that the noobs click more

    2. exactly, it's like those noobs that spam mwheel crouch in cs 1.6