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Updated on Sunday, August 10


OMG: Dear wisdom teeth, why couldn't you wait until after exams to give me headaches and wake me up in the middle of the night?


  1. Are you sure it's your wisdom teeth?
    I had something similar happen, and turned out I just inflamed my back gums by eating steak weirdly, and since they were inflamed they would get bitten every time I closed my mouth and got more inflamed.
    Tylenol/Advil helped a lot because it reduced the swelling and allowed me to close my mouth without biting the gums until it went away.

    1. This guy's right. I had a lot of pain and thought it was my wisdom teeth for sure. I went in and the main doc said yup I can see why you're having so much pain. After going through the recovery for a week, the recovery pain subsided and came about the old pain that I had. Turns out I had to get a root canal done. I guess it doesn't hurt I took out my wisdom teeth but yeah...

    2. I had a problem where I grind my teeth when stressed. Exams. Stress. Pain.

    3. Embarrassingly I wear a mouth guard while I study or write essays for this reason.

    4. 1 a) The teeth grinding is awful