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Updated on Saturday, August 9


OMG: kw4rent should really install corner mirrors for their parking lots so drivers can stop honking their horns any time of the day (especially past midnight) as they turn into the lots -.-


  1. I am one of these drivers. I feel bad, but I don't want to crash into anybody!

  2. Dont feel bad 1, I used to live in an apartment building where the garage doors would be under constant maintenance. We had to use only one door (I should say we had an in door and an out door) and we had to honk, even if we were coming home at like 3 am after work. Then again we had people leave and come at random times... But it's ridiculously quiet so I can understand the frustration.

  3. I know right! We almost bumped into another car that was coming in as we're exiting. How much can it possibly cost to install a freaking mirror??