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Updated on Wednesday, August 6


OMG: I just finished watching the third season finale of Once Upon a Time. All I can say is.... holy shit. Never have I ever wanted to be a character in a TV show more than I do now! I want to meet my Hook. FANGIRLS UNITE.

But seriously how great would it be to do scenes with the actor Colin O'Donoghue... If you don't know who I'm talking about, you've got to look him up. Ladies, you will thank me. Hell, boys you'll thank me too


  1. I looked him up. He has this emo look about him...just doesn't do it for me.

  2. he looks like nightman

  3. That show has terrible acting. It's just too fake.

    Enjoy your soaps, though.

    1. I dont think its the acting so much as the special effects, trying to create a whole enchanted forest, magic universe. Looks really lame.

  4. OMG I started watching that show a couple of weeks back! A person on youtube put clips of all Emma and Hook moments I watched every single one!
    He is a gorgeous man, and that accent Whewww

  5. The characters and acting in that show aren't overly amazing, but the writers are so creative. I'm always curious to know what will happen or what has happened, particularly in the case of Rumple! I've only seen season 1 and 2.

  6. he is beautiful

  7. I cannot believe this show is still on television. I know there is some real crap out there, but this is just ridiculous.