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Updated on Tuesday, August 5


OMG: How do I tell a friend that they are training their dog the wrong way. They are letting it chew on their hand because it is teething. One day it is going to have to be put down for biting someone.


  1. You just tell them, pussy

  2. This should qualify as the stupidest OMGUW post ever

    1. lol yeah this is a such a minor thing, just tell them

  3. That is tough. People are often unresponsive to training tips for dogs until they become a problem.
    Maybe note that the dog may not be able to distinguish between an adult and baby hand. They really should be using toys and chew treats. Maybe even saying that by using toys will help with oral care?? I dunno.

    Poor dog.

  4. why don't you just tell them? if you gonna lose a friend because you point out their dog is biting them then i'm not sure if you lost a friend or they lost a friend LOL

  5. Lool. What a little bitch. Tell them you beta pleb