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Updated on Saturday, August 2


OMG: What's the story behind the old man collecting beer bottles, and pushing them along in his mini carriage, along Columbia St. all day?

It's pouring rain right now and I still see him outside. He may also have tourettes ... Poor fella.


  1. I think he's homeless, bud

  2. My roommates and I call him the "damn it" man... He goes around shouting "damn it" whenever he doesn't find any beer bottles. Every now and then I give him my empties when he comes around.

  3. Yeah he's been around for a while, I always give him our empties and bought him some cheap clothes. He still doesn't recognize me though!

  4. Collecting bottles should be illegal. Municipalities should protect homeowners' real estate values from poorfags rummaging through their trash.

    1. Nice bait mate.

      It actually is illegal anyway... Once you put the trash out it's actually property of the city.

  5. From what I've heard he's actually rich from an inheritance and has a house in the university area. Seems to be mentally ill, as well