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Updated on Thursday, July 31


OMG: Yesterday I lost a close family member (right before exams). I want to give a shoutout to the school for being absolutely fantastic at accommodating me for exams. Each one of my profs sent condolences, and are being super accommodating for deferring exams.

Thanks UW <3


  1. My thoughts are with you <3

  2. Sorry to hear. My condolences

  3. My dad died a year or so back at the start of a new term, it was a pretty hard ride, but all of my profs/the administration were suuuper lenient and understanding about it.

  4. Nice to hear, things have changed a bit over the years I guess, I am older now but my mother died when I was 18, there was no support, nothing, since I had no father or other family alive it was basically me, police and ambulance came and went and day of the funeral I took the morning off from school and had to be back for after lunch session. No offers of assistance or anything, that's just the way is was and her death was a medical problem, I found her dead on the Kitchen floor when I came home and nothing, no assistance other than the emergency services coming and doing their best and then the paperwork and that's all.