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Updated on Monday, July 28


OMG: Seriously I am such a p*ssy when it comes to quitting my part-time job.


  1. this is the internet, you can swear

  2. I left a letter and sprinted out. No shame.

  3. do something dramatic!

  4. I just said, "Hey, this is my 2 weeks, I can't work here anymore, thanks"

  5. I agree, I was the same way in high school.... I always wanted to quit my job because it was terrible, but I was afraid of quitting for some reason? My managers talked about how great I was at closing and about how no one else did as amazing a job as I did....
    I finally quit just before I was about to leave for uni, handed in my resignation letter about 3.5 weeks in advance giving them the last day I'd be available, the manager who was working posted it on the manager's bulletin board (saw her do it)
    ...........and then the letter went mysteriously missing and apparently no one other than the manager I gave it to had any idea I was quitting until I double checked the schedule after my last day to ensure they hadn't accidentally booked me, and naturally, they had booked me multiple shifts after my last day. So then I told the manager on duty, who told me that she hadn't even heard that I was quitting, and that I needed to work them anyway since no one who worked on that weeks schedule had even heard that I was quitting........
    Luckily the manager I handed it in to came to my rescue and vouched that I had handed it in to her and that I shouldn't have to work those shifts....