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Updated on Monday, July 28


OMG: I hate when friends text or call me just to talk and I constantly make excuses to not hang out with them even though I have fun with them when I do. I try to go the other way when I see people I know unplanned instead of saying hi and making small talk. But then, when I'm lonely and no one has asked me to hang out, I feel bad and wonder why.


  1. Lol. I sometimes feel the same way. It's easy to meet people in university, but its hard to make close friends. Unlike high school and elementary school, you actually have to make an effort to hangout after classes, while in high school you just tend to see them everyday.

    The more you avoid hanging out, the more people will think that you're too busy and don't bother inviting you. Don't be lazy and have fun. This is university. You'll only be here for four to five years and then it really starts becoming harder to make friends.

    1. ^I agree with this. You may be surprised how university friends can become really close friends too.

  2. You sound like a classic introvert. You need your alone time to re-charge when you are counting on it, so when someone "intrudes" by asking you to hang out you don't want to give up your plans of doing nothing/reading/watching tv etc. People who aren't this way don't always seem to understand why you would rather spend time alone than going out all the time. I keep my friendships going by making plans in advance and letting them know I'm busy at times when I know I need to do my own thing. Making plans in advance so you know what your schedule is going to be is probably your best option. However, every now and then it's good to go with the flow and make yourself do things you don't want to do.