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Updated on Friday, July 25


OMG: What's with all the GoT spoilers?
MOD'S NOTE: Snape kills Dumbledore! Anakin becomes Darth Vader! Judas betrays Jesus!


  1. They are cutting Arianne from the TV Show, so stupid

  2. Spoilers? Are you fucking kidding me? The last book in the series came out three years ago. I hardly think anything qualifies as "spoilers" because you're too lazy to read some books.

    No one complained about spoilers when the Harry Potter movies were in theatres, now A Song of Ice and Fire is a show and people are complaining like someone shot their dog.

  3. Mod's that was nice of you not to spoil those shows.... Too bad I am a dick.
    Anyways, this is the way it actually works:

    Darth Vader becomes our lord and saviour Jesus.
    Dumbledore betrays Snape.
    Anakin becomes Judas.
    My work here is done!

  4. Spoilers? Here's some:

    Samwell finds out that Giddy... Gilly... whatever the fuck her name is likes the bald guy from the city watch and decides to go on a diet. He ends up eating too much beetroot and shits himself where that old blind guy falls on it. Then they need to go to that port to get him to the hospital.

    Jon finds out he really does know nothing. But doesn't do anything about it.

    Bran realizes he can walk and was joshing everyone all along. The tree guy is pissed and kicks him out telling him to get a real job. Then the tree guy hires some TFW's to replace the wood kids or whatever the hell they were.

    Sansa finds out she really likes older men... really really really likes them and starts working for Littlefinger. Littlefinger gets a cane and feathered hat and walks around in a jive manner telling his ladies 'five bills or you don't come home.'

    Arya becomes a lesbian. As if we didn't see that coming.

    The big knight woman and the servant Pod guy get it on. She gets pregnant and they move to Sunspear.

    The handsome one-armed knight guy decides he likes other women and not just boning his sister. Turns into a man slut and gets mad when a woman tells him to spank her ass when he only has one hand.

    Tyron decides to become a motivational speaker in Bravos. Gets the women. Tries a career at rap. Makes it big.

    1. don't you wish you were actually funny?

    2. lol. I thought it was pretty funny

    3. ya I loled 5+1

  5. ok why would mods delete my "Judas NOOO!!11" comment? YOU wrote about Judas yourselves, you hypocritic cunts

  6. They all die in the end. All of them. Yes, even you.

    1. Valar Morghulis. All men must die.

  7. Masterchief is black.
    Smaug kills all 13 dwarfs.
    5. is really George Martin
    Mods are wrong as always.
    4. is a conniving motherfucker.

  8. People really need to get off the GoT bandwagon. The novels have been out for years.