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Updated on Friday, July 25


OMG: Things I learned from not dating someone this term:

Relationships aren't like the ones in movies - you're not going to fall madly in love for someone who falls madly in love with you. There will be good times and bad, and part of a good relationship is to keep putting in the effort even during the bad times.

Relationships are hard. The most important thing is to keep communicating and to let them know if anything is bothering you - don't keep it bottled in.

Peoples' feelings aren't toys. They have feelings and emotions too. Being led on is the worst feeling ever - if you don't see someone in that way, just be honest. It will hurt, but it will hurt a lot less than if she had to find out after a year of pursuing you.


  1. girls are much more guilty of leading guys on

    1. you are right

    2. OP here. I wrote it that way because I am a guy. It definitely applies both ways though.

    3. Someone could also say that dudes are more likely to be like "hey this girl is a decent person! OBVIOUSLY this means that she wants my dick."

      Let's stop this gender blaming. People do what people do, and it is very infrequently based on their gender.

  2. This sums up why I don't date guys just because I might have some minute feelings and they may feel the same way. Relationships are work, being attracted to each other shouldnt immediately mean you should go out with each other.


  4. I feel like this is about me, actually, I hope this is about me. It would be so much better if he never truly liked me in the first place. That is so much easier to process than a sudden change in emotions.