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Updated on Friday, July 25


OMG: I think maybe after 2 relationships, 
Several years and many days, 
I still refuse to forget this, not able to let it go. 
The first time she let me kiss her on the lips;
The last time she let me kiss her on the cheek.
The way I let her go, I can remember still, 
What were minutes lasting through the years.
It's 2 AM and I am still hung up over you. 

I miss you like the ocean loves the sea.


  1. makes no sense

    stick to your major so you'll have a job

  2. ... this would be good for your diary

  3. did davy jones write this?

  4. Bacon Bacon with,
    burger so soft and chewy,
    please be mine for all time


  6. my emotions. they burnnnnn.
    don't be a little weakling. it happened. so what. don't wallow in your own self pity or you're just going to end up being a loser that nobody wants to talk to. learn from it, be happy it happened and move on.

  7. Whoever told you poetry doesn't need any rhyme scheme of structure was lying. This is bad.

  8. While this post gets and F for execution I'd still give him/her an A for effort.

  9. "I miss you like the ocean loves the sea".... man. This is hilariously bad. A+