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Updated on Wednesday, July 23


OMG: Is it just be or does /r/TwoXChromosomes seem like a big female circle jerk? This coming from a girl too..


  1. A subreddit should be started called XYChromosomes or if it is already a subreddit, make it default.

  2. I agree for the most part.

    - also a girl

  3. Yeah. I mean I kind of expected it to be that way, what else are you going to put in a subreddit of that name?

    What I reaaally don't understand is why it's a default subreddit. It's terrible.

  4. All of reddit is a huge circle jerk.

    TrollX is a better sub anyways.

  5. I'm pissed it's a default sub, the stupidest shit get's posted there. I was banned for x posting something from /r/pussypass

  6. Ew, reddit is leaking again.


    i don't get why it's a default sub either, i think that's a dumb idea from all sides. ie most people don't want to read it, and most 2X people don't want a bunch of assholes coming in being like "but what about the mens" or "why are you talking about your period ew gross"

    but come on, it's a fucking subreddit about being female, obviously they're going to talk about directly or indirectly female-related topics like periods and the female side of dating and blah blah blah. obviously??? if you find that boring and want to talk about like soccer or something go to /r/soccer? why do you care if people talk about being female in a subreddit about being female?