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Updated on Wednesday, July 23


OMG: Motivation in 4th year = 0%. Desire to get the fuck out of here = 150%. Fear of failing out and having to become a shitty professional life coach who sells iPhone screen protectors on the side to earn money: 50%.


  1. I just finished my 2nd year and I'm loving this school. Planning to stay for an extra year after degree so I can get all the fun 4th year courses.

    1. Will check with you again in fourth year.

      Sincerely, a fourth year who loves UWaterloo but grew tired of academics...

    2. Agree with 1a. You'll soon be jaded #1. JADED BEYOND BELIEF.

  2. Fear?!? Goddamn, that would be living the fucking DREAM

  3. If you have some savings or way of earnings them, you might want to take a couple terms off - maybe the motivation would come back them, and if you find something else, well, maybe that's for the better.