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Updated on Saturday, July 19


OMG: I love biking in the rain.


  1. Really? That's interesting. Do you not worry about rust building up on your bike? Also, do you not worry about devices (e.g., phone) in your pockets?
    Maybe this will be an inspiration for me to start being more okay with biking in the rain (I currently hate it, mostly due to concerns about rust), which would be very useful given how often it rains this season.

    1. If you regularly maintain your bike then rust is not a problem. (Example: clean and lube the chain once a week with a proper bike chain lube)

      I ride year round and as long as you have gear for the conditions you can ride in pretty much anything.

      That being said good rain gear will start in the low 200s and go up from there as you increase in comfort level.

      If it is warm outside i will forgo the rain gear and just change after the ride.