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Updated on Thursday, July 17


OMG: I'm graduating this term, a term later than all of my friends. I literally have no friends in Waterloo.

I so wish I can go to last bomber. How can I convince my friends to ditch Thursday and come to the last Bomber Wednesday night with me when they've already start full time work?


  1. You're a fucking idiot

    Also just get your friends to leave by like 12 30 and don't drink more than a beer or two

  2. One term later than your friends? I did just fine graduating a whole year without my close friends because I was in the co-op stream and they weren't. How did I deal with it? I met new people.

  3. So you want them to ditch work just so they can go out with you?

  4. Have you asked them?

    If going to Bomber Wednesday was a tradition for you guys, and if you impress upon them how important this is to you, then you may be able to convince them. I recommend asking your closest friend first, and then the two of you each ask another, so that by the time you get to the reticent ones there will be a majority on your side. I also suggest compromise, and not insisting that they have to get so drunk as to miss Thursday.

    If Bomber is not a tradition, then arrange with your friends to go out another night. You yourself can still go to Bomber, and maybe meet people there. Or try to meet some people in the next couple weeks.