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Updated on Monday, July 14


OMG: I started seeing my guy friend in a different light after my friends would point out the little things he would do for me. I started developing unsure feelings, then eventually told him and it pretty much just ended there. He didn't say whether he felt the same way or not, and to be honest I didn't feel crushed or hurt. I guess I'm glad I said it before I really started liking him. Can't lie though, I'm a bit curious. Was he sparing my feelings by not telling me he doesn't feel the same way? In a way I don't want to ask him and find out.


  1. Two shy people would eventually complicate things up. But life can be simple and beautiful right? You are thinking way too much. Is it because of your unsure feelings? You would confuse yourself and everybody else.

    1. When did OP even mention that they were shy? Your post doesn't make much sense...

  2. TIL some people are blind to the nice things people do for them

    is this entitlement?

  3. Maybe give him another chance or a least talk about it
    Anyways even if you end it don't loose a friend over something like that