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Updated on Sunday, July 13


OMG: Didn't even get ranked for a job that I really wanted, I thought the interview went really well. So I decided to send a thank you email and ask for feedback on the interview and they gave me the most generic response and tips most of them didn't even apply for the position. And I already did most of them during the interview.


  1. just apply again next term.

  2. If you really want feedback, ask it at the end of the interview. They probably already forgot about you by the time you sent the email.

    1. How would one go about doing that? Isn't that a bit awkward

  3. Damn OP, that does suck. It would have been a nice gesture if they had responded, but its not like they owe you a response. Do you even think the person who interviewed you read your email? Probably whoever received the email didn't think it was worth passing along.

    You don't have to like them, but its not like they did anything wrong.

  4. Boohoo, get better stop whining

  5. You won't get any real feedback because they're not allowed to tell you why they chose someone over you.