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Updated on Sunday, July 13


OMG: Was hanging out with a friend the other day. Spent half the time I was with him wanting to kiss him. Anyone have any tips for the best way to talk to my friend about this? Not sure how he feels about me and I don't want to freak him out or anything.


  1. Tell him how you feel, he may feel the same.

  2. Everybody says to tell him how you feel... DO NOT DO THIS.

    Instead, bottle up these emotions so tight that you can hardly breathe without letting out a slightly orgasmic sigh, until the tipping point when you drink a few too many bags of wine one night, and drunkenly stumble to his front door, taking off all your clothes along the walk and leaving them strewn in the streets, only to profess your undying love for him in front of him and his parents on a Tuesday night.

    I have been told I give great relationship advice...

  3. Just ask him out.

    Getting asked out is pretty non-freaky.

    (Also what I did with my now-boyfriend.)

  4. Don't just tell him how you feel, there is no real response to it, and it can get weird. Instead just ask him out on a date. Be specific about it being a date, might just think you want to go to dinner as friends or something.

  5. Just go for the kiss at the right moment and deal with the potential fallout after.

  6. Just go for the kiss. 2 scenarios:
    1) He's interested in you - he'll be super happy you made the first move
    2) He's not into you - do you really want to be with him if he's not into you? Might as well figure out now before you waste anymore time.