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Updated on Friday, July 11


OMG: If I am going to be living on off-campus housing (likely on Lester), how "safe" would it be to bring my PS4 and a small TV for my room? Would it be a risk for theft?


  1. just lock your doors and it'll be fine

  2. Lock your doors (like 1 said)
    dont advertise that you have it to the neighborhood
    close your blinds
    get renters insurance

    I have probably around $6k in computers and tablets in my room and never worry about it.

  3. You're one of those paranoid asian kids aren't you? Keep your door locked when you're not home, and the stuff will not be stolen, simple as that.

  4. - Get a new lock for your room. Just so the landlord doesn't have keys to it.
    - Always keep it locked; even when you go to the washroom in the hallway.
    - Don't tell *anyone* that you own these items; never let anyone in your room.
    - When opening your door, turn off the lights so people outside can't see that you have a PS4 and tv in your room.
    - Put a hiden camera that detects motion in your room so you can know who the thief is if it's ever stolen.
    - Put a cage on your window so people can't break in through the window to steal the PS4 and TV.

    This should be suffice; anyone have more ideas?

    1. Waterloo is number 1 on the top 10 most dangerous countries in the world. Take all precautions.

  5. Just make sure there aren't any black people in the building. That and really fob asians

  6. I think it depends, I lived in the Lester buildings for 2 years. If you trust your roommates to always lock the front door of the apartment and know they won't take anything - then go for it.

    Problem with all the Lester buildings is they use a mechanical lock on the bedroom doors. Meaning you didn't have to put the door code in a certain order. My roommates and I figured out the code to one of the girls room by putting in random numbers until we got the right ones (she kept taking supplies and hoarding them).

  7. I always keep a pair of modified Beretta 92FS's on me. Touch my stuff, and i'll fucking shoot you.

  8. @6 isnt that 1260 different combinations??