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Updated on Monday, July 7


OMG: how do you ask out a girl online (through FB)? a girl that you met on the Waterloo frosh page.


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  2. don't, ask in person.

  3. why not in person

  4. If you've talked to her in person already and you don't have another way of contacting her, a simple "Hey, I really enjoyed meeting you. Are you free this weekend? Would you like to see a movie/walk in the park/have dinner/get a drink/etc with me?" is perfectly acceptable. Good luck!

    1. +1

      Asking in person isn't always easy if you don't have a way to see them regularly. I mean yeah you could be creepy and wait for them outside one of their classes or something... But other than that bumping into them on campus would be blind luck. Just ask them if they're free some weekend go do something casual. Then you can go for a real date

  5. Are you 12? Seriously, grow a pair and ask her in person.

  6. Why did the admin remove my comment "You don't" I was implying you never ask a girl out online. I didnt mean never ask her out. Go fuck yourself Mods