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Updated on Monday, July 7


OMG: I'm crushing hard on a friend who's taken. I know it's wrong and I shouldn't be thinking of him this way, and I'm not going to be a home wrecker and tell him or anything, but I'm finding it hard to just let go of these feelings. I feel a connection every time we speak, how I wish he wasn't taken!


  1. Let it go. Not worth it.

    1. if you're willing just wait for it to end and see if you have an opening. it's not being opportunistic if you're just going for what you want. we all have a part in making things happen and it depends on you how much you want to attribute an end of a relationship to your personal doing, but don't give up, everyone should have an equal chance!

    2. Nope, nope, nope. Just back off from them and find somebody else to crush on. Trust me on this one.

  2. Whenever I am bothered by a crush I find someone else on whom to crush and then it solves the problem temporarily.