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Updated on Friday, July 4


OMG: I have this overwhelming fear that all the girls around here look down on guys who have been in serious relationships in the passed (4 years +)


  1. I'd be more worried about sounding like an idiot. I know in the past, girls have passed me by because of it.

  2. Girls around here look down on guys who don't know the difference between past and passed.

  3. Reeeeally glad I'm not the only asshole who came here to rip on you for the spelling.

    On a serious note, I don't agree with OP. I was in a relationship for years, girls love it because

    1) I had sex everyday for years, I'm a fucking god in bed
    2) I was so emotionally wrecked by the breakup that I don't feel anymore

    95% of girls these days are SLUTS who just want to fuck, though I'll admit many are a little wary of dudes who likes to be in a relationship solely for the fact that girls don't actually want someone to love them.

    1. Lol you being a "fucking god" in bed just proves that you're a manwhore haha.

  4. I figure having no experience would be worse.