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Updated on Monday, June 23


OMG: How do employers feel about being matched with "ranked" students, and not the one they gave the offer to?


  1. I don't think any employer would actually go out of their way to inform a ranked student that and/or start verbally abusing or mistreating them for it. I was once matched to an employer who only ranked me. She was nice to me and that was that. Not sure what type of response you're expecting as an actual answer can only come from an employer lurking on this site or a student who was mistreated by one.

    1. ** to clarify, by "she" I meant my supervisor. Everybody at the company were great to me as well.

  2. If they didn't want you, they wouldn't rank you.

  3. ranked means that they want you, but there is another better candidate. they are fine having you instead of the one they offer though.

  4. They are fine to work with you, you just were not their first choice. Kinda like "settling" in any relationship I guess.

  5. You know what? Just be glad you got ranked and then got matched to it.

  6. Probably depends on the context. I was chosen [not just ranked] but they told me the 2nd place person was a really super close call. I think sometimes they truly like all or most of the ranked students and they just had to pick one or the other to be the #1 so it would be no big deal.