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Updated on Monday, June 23


OMG: I have no idea what to do my my PD2 report. Can anyone provide any clarification as to what they expect from a report and what I should include?


  1. This is an embarrassing post. The whole point of PD2 is teaching you how to write a report. They even give you a rubric, and lessons on each individual component of the report.

    1. I'm surprised too as I felt the instructions on the PD2 report were pretty clear. Regardless, I don't think anybody on OMGUW can provide instructions that are clearer than what's posted on the course website. If you're really lost you may want to ask for help directly from the TAs

  2. Read through the course content - there's lots of guidelines and checklists to help you. Then if you're still totally confused, email

    If your problem is the actual writing and not the organization, just pick one of the topics at random and go for it. The topics are so broad that you should be able to turn out 5-6 double-spaced pages (with tables and/or figures) in no time.