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Updated on Monday, June 23


OMG: I don't have the strength to leave my long-term boyfriend when the relationship is clearly gone sour and there is no turning back.


  1. Leave if you see it becoming worse. Have some serious thought about whether your future would work out.

  2. i'm in the same boat... it's been 2 going onto 3 years and i realized that i stopped having feelings for him at the beginning of spring term... i don't want to leave the feeling of comfort but at the same time i know i won't be happy

  3. Literally just got out of a 4 year relationship about a week ago, honestly, it sucks doing it, it took me a long time to work up the courage to have that talk, but it needs to be done. Everyone told me that I wasn't being fair to either of us and I didn't really understand how true it was till after. Hope you figure things out though

  4. Just got out of a two and a bit year long relationship for that exact same reason. It was hard because he was my best friend for so long and I miss that but I know I want a great relationship not a mediocre one and I don't want to have settled when I find someone who can give me that. That would just lead to an even worse break up and temptation to cheat.

    If I could do it so can you! Remember there are other people in your life and it will be hard at first but I promise it will be worth it in the end.

  5. It's hard to admit, I know. She used to be great, and I know it's not her fault, but things just aren't the same anymore. I'm trying to work up the courage, but I doubt I'll ever find someone as exciting as she was.

    You know what keeps me going? The memory of past heartbreaks and how I'm over them now. I'll be over this one too. I'm being selfish though, I hope she won't be too upset about it.